Chamberlain 950D Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Chamberlain 950D Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

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The 950D has been discontinued. In it's place the 371LM will be sent out.
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Chamberlain 950D Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote
Chamberlain 950D Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote
Product Description
Make sure you have convenient, easy access to your garage door or gated entrance with a Chamberlain 950D remote. This multi-function, one-button garage door opener remote features Security+ rolling code technology for the ultimate in safety and security. Security+ sends a new code to the unit each time it is used, making it one of the most advanced remotes on the market. This versatile Chamberlain garage door opener remote can also be used to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home from an outside location.

The Chamberlain 950D is easy to program and easy to operate. With a one-button touch feature, it makes entering and leaving your property easy, all from the comfort of your vehicle. Because it's the exact same model as the Chamberlain 950CD (the manufacturer changed the part number during production), it can be used as a replacement or compliment to that version. There is also a keychain version of the Chamberlain 950D: the 890MAX model.

This convenient Chamberlain garage door opener is designed to work with several garage door and gate models. If your motorhead features a purple "Learn" button or if your original remote control has black buttons, the 950D is right for you. It works with Chamberlain garage doors manufactured after June 1, 2005 or those classified as "D" models, as well. It comes with a 5-year 3-volt battery for added convenience.

The Chamberlain 950D remote is a good choice if:
  • You have a security gate that's compatible with a one-button remote
  • You're interested in rolling security codes for extra protection
  • Your garage door opener motorhead has a purple "Learn" button
  • Your original remote control featured black buttons
  • You have a Chamberlain garage door opener that was manufactured after June 1, 2005
  • You have a "D" model Chamberlain garage door opener
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COMMENT: it sounds like its what I need. the price was right. by michael b 9/22/2017
COMMENT: Best selection and price so happy to find this site by Wanda G 9/19/2017
QUESTION: I have a Chamberlin opener. I cannot find the remote. Can I get another one and program it myself.? My car is programmed but I need one for my granddaughter that is going to live here by Joan C 10/5/2017
STAFF ANSWER: YES 100% by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a 950cd remote that works and a 950cb that doesnt I replaced the batteries. Any ideas? by Joshua W 10/20/2016
ANSWER: Not sure, but here's some ideas: 1 by Tim C a
REPLY: Yes you did and thanks just bought a house and had both remotes but only one will work...I have the purple learn button. by Joshua W r
REPLY: I also ordered two additional remotes but umwisely got the wrong remotes so now I have three useless by Joshua W r
ANSWER: No. I don't know. by Al J a
ANSWER: are the channel dip switches on the same channel by Michael W a
REPLY: Dip swithes? I have no idea what they are by Joshua W r
REPLY: I'm shooting from memory but I believe they are on the motor assembly by Michael W r
QUESTION: Why do my 2 371LM Lift Master Garage door remotes constantly not work? Changed the batteries, programmed them. They work once. Put them in a car and they don't work. VERY frustrated by Mike O 8/30/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Its possible the memory on your board is just full hold the learn button down for 2 minutes to reset the whole system then reprogram all remotes and keypads should do the trick. by Taylor M a
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