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Chamberlain 753CB 3-Button Remote Control Garage Door Opener

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Chamberlain 753CB 3-Button Remote Control Garage Door Opener
Chamberlain 753CB 3-Button Remote Control Garage Door Opener
Product Description
Featuring fantastic security technology and designed for older model Chamberlain garage door openers without Security+, the Chamberlain 753CB three-button remote control garage door opener is a great gadget to replace a lost or broken remote. It also makes a great backup remote and can be used by other people you want to have access to your garage. Featuring a slim, streamlined design, it's easy to clip to your vehicle's sun visor, stash in the glove compartment or slip into a pocket or purse when you're on the go. Its innovative three-button design features two small buttons and one long button, which makes it easy to choose the right one by touch alone, even in the dark.

The Chamberlain 753CB three-button remote control garage door opener offers users more than 19,000 digital codes per channel, vaulting the security level of your system over what many openers can offer. A red LED light on the front of the remote control indicates your battery strength and signals sent transmissions, making it easy to determine the status of your unit at all times. This remote comes with a 12-volt battery that's designed to provide you with hours of functional operation time.

You can use the Chamberlain 753CB three-button remote to operate as many as three garage doors that function with DIP switches. Because it's so versatile and user-friendly, it's the top choice of homeowners with older-model Chamberlain garage door openers. This easy-to-program Chamberlain garage door opener remote replacement is the ideal solution for people who want something simple but extremely effective.

The Chamberlain 753CB is ideal for you if:
  • You need to replace an old remote that has either been lost or no longer works
  • You have an older-model Chamberlain garage door opener that is not fitted with Security+ technology
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: much older garage door opener needs the older remote that most retail stores no longer keep in stock by Richard S 3/18/2017
COMMENT: Looked identical to the one I already have. by Dolly B 9/15/2015
QUESTION: When replacing battery what size does it take? by None N 3/28/2017
ANSWER: Just a regular double aa battery. by Carol K a
QUESTION: I have not used this remote for four years because my vehicle had a universal remote. Traded vehicles over the weekend and when I went to use the opener, I put a new battery in and the opener does not put the door up or down. Any thoughts on why this does not work? by Jeff V 5/11/2014
STAFF ANSWER: Not sure as to what the reason is for no longer working verify the model number on the back of the remote and get this call at 440-366-6112 and we will match you with a replacement remote by Matthew O a
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