Chamberlain 750CB Single-Button Remote Control Garage Door Opener

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Replacing an older-model Chamberlain garage door opener remote has never been this easy. The Chamberlain 750CB single-button remote control garage door opener is easy to use and easy to program, and you can use it to open and close a single garage door. It works well when used as a second or third garage door opener for other members of your household, as well.

The Chamberlain garage door remote, model 750CB, is compatible with non-Security+ garage door openers. Its DIP switches give you more than 19,000 digital code possibilities per channel for added safety and security; there are nine switches inside, and each has three positions. A red LED light just above the control button indicates the battery strength and signals that you've sent a transmission. This remote includes a 12-volt battery for long-lasting power.

If your garage door opener has a green "Learn" button, which means it operates on a 390 MHz frequency, this simple Chamberlain garage door remote will work with your unit. Because it's small and convenient, it's easy to attach to your car's sun visor or slip into a pocketbook. This Chamberlain 750CB single-button remote control garage door opener gives you the versatility you need and allows you to control your garage without getting out of your car, which is particularly helpful on rainy and cold days.

The Chamberlain 750CB single-button remote control garage door opener might be the right choice for you if:
  • You only need to operate one garage door
  • You value the security and protection that its 9 DIP switches can provide
  • Your garage door opener's motorhead has a green "Learn" button or you know that it operates on a 390 MHz frequency
  • You want something simple, compact and easy to operate
  • LENGTH: 3-1/2 INCHES
  • WIDTH: 3/4 INCH
  • HEIGHT: 1-5/8 INCHES