Chamberlain Remotes

Whether you’re installing a new Chamberlain garage door opener or need to replace a missing transmitter, North Shore Commercial Door has the correct Chamberlain remote. Our selection of easy-to-program remotes includes options for decades’ worth of door-opening systems. From their trademarked Clicker universal garage door remotes to mini keychain remotes, multi-function remotes and light-up remotes, we stock the correct Chamberlain garage door opener remote at a discounted price. The remotes come in a variety of colors to add some pop.

Chamberlain has many brands under which they make and market garage door openers. This means Chamberlain remotes are often compatible with "sister systems," including openers by LiftMaster, Sears Craftsman, Access Master, Master Mechanic and various private labels. Furthermore, if an OEM remote has been discontinued, we’ll point you to which model you can buy instead. Click on a remote to learn more about what openers it works with or contact us for knowledgeable assistance with Chamberlain garage door remotes.