Chamberlain 950CD Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Chamberlain 950CD Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

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The 950CD has been discontinued. In it's place the 371LM will be sent out.
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Chamberlain 950CD Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote
Chamberlain 950CD Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote
Product Description
Make sure you have easy access to your garage at all times with a Chamberlain garage door opener remote. The Chamberlain model 950CD is a basic one-button remote that isn't exactly basic; it can also be used to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home. This versatile little garage door remote features an easy-to-grip surface and one long button that eliminates confusion so you don't have to fumble around to find the right one.

Featuring innovative technology that carries signals on a 315 MHz frequency, the Chamberlain 950CD can even be used on a security gate. Because programming this remote control garage door opener is so easy (all you need to do is press the purple "Learn" button on your garage door opener and press the button on your remote within 30 seconds), your whole system will be up and running in minutes. Whether you're replacing a lost or broken garage remote or you're adding one to your collection so someone else can access your garage or your gate, the Chamberlain 950CD is the way to go. If you're not sure whether your garage door opener is compatible with this model, check the color of the "Learn" button on your unit; if it's purple, you're good to go.

The Chamberlain 950CD one-button remote control comes with a five-year 3-volt battery that's made to last. If battery replacement is ever necessary, a CR2032 is an affordable piece that your remote was made to use.

This Chamberlain garage door opener remote might be the right choice for you if:
  • Your garage door opener has a purple "Learn" button or operates at 315 MHz
  • You need a reliable, durable garage door remote
  • You have a security gate without a remote that's compatible with the 950CD
  • Your original remote control has black buttons
  • Your Chamberlain garage door opener was made after June 1, 2005 or is a "D" model

How to Use Model 950CD Single Function Security Remote Control:

  1. Press and release the “learn” button on the motor unit. The learn indicator light will glow steadily for 30 seconds.
  2. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the button on the hand-held remote.
  3. Release the button when the motor unit light blinks. It has leaned the code. If light bulbs are not installed, two clicks will be heard
Model 950CD Instructions

To Erase All Codes From Motor Unit Memory

To deactivate any unwanted remote, first erase all codes: Press and hold the “learn” button on motor unit until the learn indicator light goes out (approximately 6 seconds). All previous codes are now erased. Reprogram each remote or keyless entry you wish to use.
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COMMENT: It is replacing one that stopped working by Joel F 10/4/2017
COMMENT: It is the same one that came with my opener by Douglas K 9/26/2017
QUESTION: Chamberlain 950CD Multi-Function 1-Button Garage Door Opener Remote, Is it brand new? by David D 9/12/2017
ANSWER: Mine was by Ron C a
ANSWER: Yes by Kevin H a
QUESTION: I am looking to buy another garage door opener not to replace the one I have, but for an extra key. If I program the new one, is my other key still going to work? by None N 9/28/2016
ANSWER: Yes by Mike D a
ANSWER: I also have more than one for my garage door and they both work fine. by Raymond P a
ANSWER: yes by richard w a
ANSWER: Yes by christopher s a
ANSWER: As long as the code is the same, both of them should work. by Chienhui B a
QUESTION: The 950CD multi function garage door remote looks exactly like the one I have and says Chamberlain on the front , single button and the word Security right below. My question is where do I find the " learn " button? by None N 8/23/2016
STAFF ANSWER: The learn button is going to be on the back of the unit that hangs in your garage. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: i have a chamberlain access master 1/2 hp drive 2012 model the remotes were stolen, will this generate a new code and keep the others from being used? by m c 7/31/2016
ANSWER: Yes it will by Gary C a
ANSWER: Yes, the unit comes with instructions on how to clear erase all prior codes. by William G a
ANSWER: Best thing to do is erase all your old codes by pressing your learn button and hold until light goes out. approx. 6 seconds and then just program your new openers ,it will create a new code.<br /><br />Mike by Mike H a
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