Genie 38874R2.S (Replaces 37470R2.S and 38001R2.S) TriloG 1500 & PowerMax 1500 Circuit Board

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If your Genie TriloG 1500 or Genie PowerMax 1500 garage door opener is not performing adequately the problem may be with the existing circuit board assembly. A circuit board assembly is vital to the performance of garage door openers and if you think the time is now to replace the old circuit board assembly for a new Genie 37470R2.S device, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the perfect board for your project. The first thing that you need to be aware of is that Genie Company has changed the part number for this circuit board. This board has a part number of 38001R2.S. Despite the change in part numbers, this board is compatible with the older 37470R2.S boards. Genie Company routinely changes the part numbers on their replacement products after they have been updated, upgraded and/or redesigned. This policy can lead to confusion; if you are worried about purchasing the correct circuit board assembly, North Shore Commercial Door Co. recommends to its customers to call Genie Company technical support to get the part number that is the best for your garage door opener system. Once you received this number, you should return to North Shore Commercial Door Co. to purchase the new circuit board.

This 38001R2.S replacement 38874R2.S circuit board assembly is an original Genie part that is easy to install. Even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfers should be able to replace this board in under an hour. These boards include detailed instructions and you can also refer to the North Shore Commercial Door Co. website’s comment section to get tips from other customers on how to install items such as this circuit board assembly.