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Genie Garage Door Opener 29061T 20424S Rectifier Circuit Board

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New Genie rectifier boards for garage door opener systems such as the Genie Pro PMX-IC B series Stealth line are available at North Shore Commercial Door Co. These Genie 20424S rectifier boards are original Genie products and replace the older 29061T model boards on Genie Stealth garage door openers manufactured as far back as 1995 to present. If your garage door opener has the 29061T rectifier board you can safely replace that board with the 20428S board. The rectifier board on these garage door openers sits below the top plate assembly and is seated next to the transformer assembly. The rectifier board includes a small fuse and care should be taken when removing this board. This small component of the garage door opener system is a crucial component as the rectifier converts AC current to DC current. AC, or alternating current, is named as such because the current occasionally reverses direction. Direct current, or DC current, flows in one direction. Rectifiers are necessary in applications such as power supplies as these pieces of equipment need a steady DC current. If your garage door opener is not working because of a faulty rectifier board you are in luck because the repair is low cost in relation to buying a new garage door opener system, particularly when you buy the replacement part at North Shore Commercial Door Co. The installation of the rectifier board is also straightforward as this installation is the epitome of a DIY project. When you purchase your Genie parts at North Shore Commercial Door Co. you are guaranteed to receive high quality components at the lowest prices in the industry.