Genie 37028E.S Garage Door Opener Circuit Board (Old Part # 36448A.S) 1024

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If you own a Genie 1024 garage door opener and you are in the market for a replacement circuit board, North Shore Commercial Door Co. has the genuine Genie parts that you need at very affordable prices. Genie 1024 garage door openers, also known as the Genie ReliaG 600, include the Intellicode remote control and are a chainlift or beltlift device. The circuit boards for these units have a Genie model number of 37028E.S which is a replacement to model number 36448A. If your garage door opener currently has the older model number circuit board installed you can safely use the 37028E.S without incident. Genie Company policy is to issue new model numbers to products that have been updated or remodeled but you can be assured that the new models will be compatible to the older devices. In addition to the 1024 Genie chainlift / beltlift garage door openers, this circuit board can be used on Genie 1026 Overhead Door standard drive garage door openers. Installation of these circuit boards is not too difficult and can be completed by the homeowner as opposed to calling a professional garage door opener installer. The instructions that are included with the circuit board are easy to follow and the 20 to 30 minutes that it should take to replace the circuit board is much better than the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a professional installer or the time, effort and money needed to purchase and install a brand new garage door opener.

•New model number 37028E.S replaces part number 36448A

•Circuit board works with Genie 1024 Chainlift and Beltlift garage door openers and Genie 1026 Overhead Door Standard Drive devices

•Original Genie replacement part