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Genie Garage Door Opener ICB Board 36190S.S 20380S.S (34514R)

Genie Garage Door Opener ICB Board 36190S.S 20380S.S (34514R)
Genie Garage Door Opener ICB Board 36190S.S 20380S.S (34514R)
Genie Garage Door Opener ICB Board 36190S.S 20380S.S (34514R)
Genie Garage Door Opener ICB Board 36190S.S 20380S.S (34514R)
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This item is discontinued.
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Genie 36190S.S Chain Glide Garage Door Opener Control Board 6 Terminal
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Product Description

If you need a replacement circuit board for your Genie garage door opener, North Shore Commercial Door Co. is your best resource for original Genie replacement parts at low prices. This Genie ICB logic/receiver board 36190S.S is a six terminal board for use primarily with ML Chain Glide devices. This 36190S.S model circuit board replaces the 20380R circuit board in the Genie lineup and is compatible to the older model. If your old system uses the 20380R board you can safely install the 36190S.S model. The same is true for boards with the model number 34514R; this new 36190S.S circuit board is compatible with systems that have the 34514R circuit board as the original part. This replacement circuit board is easy to install and setup. The circuit board includes installation instructions and you should use those instructions combined with your original garage door owner’s manual to correctly set up your garage door opener. Note that Genie Company routinely revises the model numbers for its products which can lead to some confusion about the best replacement parts for your device. If you have a question about the best product for your garage door opener, you best recourse is to contact Genie Company technical support to get the model number for the product that you need. After you get the number, you should return to North Shore Commercial Door Co. to order the part.

•Replacement board for Chain Drive models: IC250B, PMX300, PMX500 ICB, and 496.696 CD/B

•Replacement board for Chain Glide models: GCG350, GCG350L, GCG350M, PCG400, PCG450, PCG500ML, PCG600, PCG650, H2000C, OCG510, OCG550, OCG600ML, OCG710 and OCG800ML.

We recommend using Woods Garage Door Opener Surge Protector when replacing safety sensors or circuit boards.
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: price and availability by william f 9/22/2017
COMMENT: We needed a replacement part by Kelly F 8/31/2017
QUESTION: my Genie door opener dose not work,but has power going to the door sensors and the wall push botton. Also light bulb dose not light up and there is no sound coming from the motor. Is it possible the circuit board is not working? by Mike G 9/8/2015
ANSWER: Yes I was having similar problems and the board fixed them. by Keith S a
ANSWER: It sounds likiely. Try unplugging the opener and then plugging it back in. This sometimes will reset the circuit board by William C a
ANSWER: Check all connections make sure bulb is good if all are ok internal board problem get a different board check sensitivity settings turn both up a bit see if that helps of not board is bad by Barney W a
ANSWER: Yes sir I would agree it most likely the board. Especially when you have an issue with the light. It either will not come at all or stay on all the time. i do believe that replacing the board should correct that issue. by Sheena C a
STAFF ANSWER: Sound like a circuit board problem to me. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: I installed the board and it powers up. I tried to adjust the open and close limit switches and it does not stop down or up. When closing, it passes close limit, hits floor, stops and returns up past open limit and hits housing then stops. Open close force have been adjusted every which way. Wiring is correct, called Genie direct they suggested jumping limit switches and it does nothing. They suggested the board may be faulty.. I am not sure what to do now. Any suggestions? by Marc H 8/12/2014
ANSWER: sorry I can't be of much help I hooked mine up and it worked fine by David L a
ANSWER: It sounds like you have ordered the wrong board. Does it match the old one? On the old board there should have been a small sticker on the board opisent the big gang plug with the boArd # on it by Barney W a
REPLY: The number is 34514R on the old board. You sent me the replacement board 36190S.S where the box says it replaces 34514R/T. by Marc H r
REPLY: Well Mark I don't. Know I have hooked up a few and the most I have had to do is adjust the up and down force by Barney W r
QUESTION: I installed the new board however, I cant get the wall control to work.The light to illuminate the wall button doesn't even come on. Is there a trick to getting this to work properly? by Shannan N 4/2/2014
ANSWER: I installed the board and pluged in the wiring and had to set the downward force and all was good, I would check the wiring going to the wall button. Mine works like new I am very satisfied. The wall button may be your real problem. by Barney W a
ANSWER: First, I would cut a short piece of the wire used to run to the wall button and connect it to the board and then connect it to the button being used and see what happens- probably have to stand on a ladder. If the button lights up and operates the door then, the problem is in the wiring from the opener to the location in the garage located for the button to be mounted. If there is still a problem, unhook the button being used and momentarily touch the 2 wires together to see if the door operates; if it does then the problem MAY be in the button itself.<br />Hope this is helpful<br /><br />Richard by Richard M a
ANSWER: The terminals on the opener are clearly marked. Or they should be. If you have the correct wires on the correct terminals, then it should work. If the opener does not work at all, even with the remotes, check to be sure you have power to the unit. Occasionally when one fails, it will trip your breaker that supplies power to the unit. If it works with the remote, it's possible the wire to the manual control has been damaged. I can't remember if there is polarity to the control or not. I believe it is just a single contact momentary switch so the polarity shouldn't really matter.<br /><br />If I remember, most of the wires are brown and there is a common terminal for the limit switches and the manual control. <br /><br />Good Luck by T A a
ANSWER: Double check your wiring by M A a
STAFF ANSWER: You may need to replace the wall unit. You may need to replace the wire to the wall unit. Or you may have the board hooked up wrong. by Matthew O a
QUESTION: Will this replace 34513 Rev B? by None N 9/15/2013
ANSWER: Use the cross reference in the website to identify your replacement. If your number is not on the list at all, this may not be probably isn'tthe right one.If the number does cross except for the revision suffix, it likely will be ok. I do not know if this is an exact replacement, but I'm pretty sure that if the big plug on the top matches and the screw terminal strip and the adjustment knobs are identical, it should work. I think the revision number-letter is more about software than actual operation. The replacement board may not have all of the electronic components the original one had or the same arrangement because of design revisions. The connections are what matters.<br /><br />Good luck. As always, if it is not an exact replacement, there is always some risk that it is not the correct one.<br /><br />By the way, definately buy the spike protector they recommend. Not using one is the most common way to have another board die. by T A a
ANSWER: When I purchased, it had all the same connections of my old one. If it has the same connections, as your old one, it should work. Mine did, and I don't think the part Number Was an exact match. Hope this helps: good luck. by G B a
ANSWER: Yes by T O a