Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener Decoder Receiver/Circuit Board 20380R NEW # 36190T.S

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Genie garage door opener owners who need to replace the 20380R decoder receiver/circuit board on these devices can purchase a new board at a low price at North Shore Commercial Door Co. The Genie Circuit Board 20380R model number has been updated by Genie Company to 34374R so when you search for a replacement board, that is the model number than you need. Rest assured that the board has the same specifications as 20380R model circuit boards. These decoder receiver/circuit boards are most often found on garage door openers that use the Genie Intellicode receiver. The model number of your original circuit board can be found on a sticker placed on the board that can be seen without needing to remove the circuit board. This 34374R model decoder receiver/circuit board will fit in your garage door opener assembly and work perfectly but if are still concerned about compatibility, North Shore Commercial Door Co. recommends that you contact Genie Company technical support to get the best match for your system. After receiving the product number from Genie Company, enter that number into the search box at our website. In addition to this decoder receiver/circuit board, North Shore Commercial Door Co. recommends using the Woods Garage Door Opener Surge Protector when replacing safety sensors or circuit boards as an extra measure of safety.

•Compatible with Genie chain drive models: PMX500-IC/B, PMX300-IC/B, IC250/B, PMLD500, PDG400, PCG450, PCG350, GCG350L, PCG600 and PCG650

•Current model number 36190T.S, replaces old model number 20380R

•Circuit board has three terminals

•Original Genie manufactured replacement part