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The Keystone Heddolf M330-1KB garage door/gate opener entry keypad from North Shore Commercial Door will work with any Keystone Heddolf garage door opener or gate operators with a Multi-Code receiver inside the opener. This 300MHz garage door entry keypad has a protective weatherproof case with LED light indicator.

Mount the one-piece entry keypad on an outside goose-neck post or to a garage door outer wall. The 10 two-position (on/off) dip switch format will hold as many as 60 individual four-digit user codes plus a master code. Installation faceplate screws are included. With this keypad, which can be hard-wired or used as a wireless entry keypad, you can operate a gate or garage door opener without a key or use of a remote control transmitter. We also carry Keystone Heddolf gate/garage door opener receivers.

Product Highlights:

  • M330-1KB
  • 300MHz
  • Compatible with Multi-Code receivers
  • 10 2-position dipswitch holds up to 60 4-digit user codes
  • Weather proof cover; built-in LED light
  • Easy to program codes