Automatic Door Motion Sensors

We carry automatic door entry access motion sensors at North Shore Commercial Door for commercial building single doors, double-door entryways and swinging doors. Buy affordable BEA or Tucker Auto-Mation single-door automatic door openers for your business.

Shop our line of BEA LZR Microscan Laser automatic door sensors. These easy-install BEA LZR automatic entry access door motion sensors transform ordinary automatic doors into automatic doors. BEA's advanced technology sensor system automatically adapts detection zones based on the fully open, closed or partially open position of the entrance door, reducing false alarms while enhancing pedestrian safety. This sensor exceeds all ANSI 156.10 standards. We have universal BEA LZR motion sensors that are compatible with all swing doors.

The affordably priced Tucker Auto-Mation Avenger package includes swing door operator plus arm assembly, motion sensor with micro-motion technology and a universal micro-scan kit. We have motion and presence laser scanners for commercial gates and barriers. Shop our top brands in automatic door sensors and motion sensor systems configured for both vehicular traffic and people traffic inside a building or outdoors. Shop dozens of motion sensor models and accessories at price ranges to provide what you need without having to exceed your budget.